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Q Who owns the patent rights to IPCHS™?
A Anomax Sdn. Bhd. owns the patent and trademark rights to IPCHS™.

Q. What are the key benefits of using IPCHS™ technology?
With the excellent thermal transfer of IPCHS™, Anomax has made lamps that set records for brightness, efficiency, size, weight and life. These lamps are trademarked LMR lamps are available for sale.

Q. Where are LMR™ lamps best used?
LMR lamps are wide angle (120 degrees) and deep penetration lamps. Usually lamps with wide beam angles do not have penetration power. Instead, LMR lamps are a hybrid of spot lamps and flood lights. For example, mounted at 5 meters (17 feet), an LMR 16 can illuminate an area of 2,000 sq feet (or 50 feet diameter) to an average of 60 lux (high of 200 lux). Mounted at 10 meters (33 feet) above ground, LMR 16 lights 7800 sq feet to an average of 15 lux (high of 50 lux).

Note: roughly, 1 lux is the amount of light from 1 candle at 1 meter (3.3 feet).

With the wide beam and far reach of LMR lamps, fewer units are needed culminating in significant and immediate savings in wiring costs in comparison to competing lamps. Installing LMR lamps results in lower installation costs as well as substantial initial and long-term cost savings.