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     IPCHS™ is a US and International Patent Pending Process

With IPCHS™ you can now plate your circuit directly on an anodized heat sink


About Us

Mr. Ong Ling Ping and Chan Hock Aun founded Anomax Sdn. Bhd. in 2010 upon the invention of IPCHS™ by Mr. Ong.

IPCHS™ is a U.S. and International Patent Pending integrated plated circuit heat sink with industry leading thermal management performance.

The IPCHS™ process directly plates a circuit on an anodized layer (alumina) and has a thermal transfer performance far superior to PCBs and metal core substrates by virtue of the thermal transfer property of the IPCHS™ dielectric alumina (>30 W/mK versus 4 W/mK for metal cores, 0.6 W/mK for PCBs).

Use of IPCHS™ in power applications provides power devices top-of-the-table thermal conductivity and performance.

Anomax proved the capability of IPCHS™ by mounting ten off-the-shelf 1W LED diodes on a 40mm diameter IPCHS™. The result is a bulb Anomax names LMR™ (Light Made Right) - one that uses only 12W of power for a light output of 1,100 lumens at 90 lumens/watt efficiency! The performance of IPCHS™ reduces by half the power usage of today's most energy efficient 100-watt bulb - the Compact Florescent Light (CFL) that consumes a minimum of 23W of energy.

Anomax seeks to license IPCHS™ and LMR™ manufacturing rights; contact H.A. Chan at for details.