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     IPCHS™ is a Patented Process



About Us

Anomax Sdn. Bhd. was founded by Mr. Ong Ling Ping in 2010 upon the invention of IPCHS™ by Mr. Ong. Anomax is based in Penang, Malaysia.

IPCHS™ is a patented plated-on-ceramic circuit board with industry leading thermal management performance. IPCHS™ is the acronym for Integrated Plated Circuit Heat Sink.

The IPCHS™ process directly plates a circuit on an anodized layer (alumina) and has a thermal transfer performance far superior to PCBs and metal core substrates by virtue of the thermal transfer property of the IPCHS™ dielectric alumina (>30 W/mK versus 4 W/mK for metal cores, 0.6 W/mK for PCBs).

The use of IPCHS™ in power applications provides power devices top-of-the-table thermal conductivity and performance.

With IPCHS™, Anomax has designed and built the world's brightest, most efficient, smallest, lightest and longest performing commercial/industrial lamps. Look to our trademarked LMR™ lamps for the future of commercial lighting solutions.