Heat Sink


Your devices will run faster, more reliably and cooler with IPCHS™


IPCHS™ Performance Properties

An IPCHS™ electrical circuit is directly plated on dielectric alumina providing superior bonding compared to laminates and paste technology.

Breakdown Voltage > 4K Volts Dielectric Alumina gage 65 microns
Thermal Conductivity > 30 W/ mK Solder Float Test (288ºC 10 sec) PASS
Pull Strength 15 N /square mm    

Application of IPCHS™ Technology

With IPCHS™, Anomax is able to design and build very bright, efficient, small, light and long-life lamps. Anomax trademarks these as LMR lamps. A review of the LMR performance sheet will attest to the world class performance of the lamp enabled through the application of IPCHS™ plated on ceramic technology.

LMR™ Light Made Right

With the use of IPCHS™ circuit boards, Anomax designs and manufactures the world's most efficient, brightest, smallest, lightest and longest lasting lamps. They are trademarked LMR Light Made Right lamps and are available for order.