Heat Sink


          Our Breakthroughs

  • Integrated Plated Circuit Heat Sink
  • True Dielectric Alumina
  • Industry Leading Thermal Conductivity
    >30 W/mK

Your devices will run faster, more reliably and cooler with IPCHS™


IPCHS™ Performance Properties

An IPCHS™ electrical circuit is directly plated on dielectric alumina providing superior bonding compared to laminates and paste technology. By integrating an electrical circuit via an alumina dielectric to the heat sink, IPCHS™ provides a > 30 W/mK thermal conductivity performance.

Breakdown Voltage > 4K Volts Dielectric Alumina gage 65 microns
Thermal Conductivity > 30 W/ mK Solder Float Test (288ºC 10 sec) PASS
Pull Strength 15 N /square mm    

Application of IPCHS™ Technology

Putting IPCHS™ to a real world test, we mounted off-the shelf LED diodes on IPCHS™ and achieved astounding results that surpass industry performance figures. These high efficiency bulbs are named LMR™ for Light Made Right.

LMR™ Light Made Right

Taking today's best LED retro-fit bulb and energy saving CFL as the benchmarks, we set out to beat them and in the process SET NEW HIGH STANDARDS for brightness, efficiency and reliability. IPCHS™/LMR™ will radically impact the entire lighting and energy industry.