Heat Sink


Your devices will run faster, more reliably and cooler with IPCHS™


IPCHS™ Performance Properties

An IPCHS™ electrical circuit is directly plated on dielectric alumina providing superior bonding compared to laminates and paste technology.

Breakdown Voltage > 4K Volts Dielectric Alumina gage 65 microns
Thermal Conductivity > 30 W/ mK Solder Float Test (288ºC 10 sec) PASS
Pull Strength 15 N /square mm    

Application of IPCHS™ Technology

With IPCHS™, Anomax is able to design and build very bright, efficient, small, light and long-life lamps. Anomax trademarks these as LMR lamps. A review of the LMR performance sheet will attest to the world class performance of the lamp enabled through the application of IPCHS™ plated on ceramic technology.

LMR™ Light Made Right

With the use of IPCHS™ circuit boards, Anomax designs and manufactures the world's most efficient, brightest, smallest, lightest and longest lasting lamps. They are trademarked LMR Light Made Right lamps and are available for order. Please contact H.A. Chan for sales and order information.