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IPCHS™ LMR Street Lamp 16


IPCHS™ technology in Action: The LMR Light Made Right Lamp

IPCHS: Integrated Plated Circuit Heat Sink is a patented Anomax invention of a plated-on-ceramic circuit board with a thermal conductivity of 30W m/K.

LMR: Light Made Right is an Anomax trademark name for lighting units made with IPCHS technology.

Anomax is pleased to introduce the IPCHS LMR™ 16 high bay and street lamps made possible with the use of IPCHS™ technology.

The IPCHS LMR™ Lamp is a Solid State Light (SSL) that is Super Energy Efficient with an efficiency of more than 110 lumens per watt at an incredible Brightness and is Lightweight and Small.



LMRs have very wide beam angles of 150 degrees (radial) and color temperatures of 3000/4200ºK (warm daylight) and 6500ºK (cool daylight). Other color temperatures are available with volume orders.

Empowered by IPCHS, LMR lamps run at very cool Tj (junction temperature) of < 85 Celsius, an industry low. LMRs run so cool they have a 40,000 hours life and come with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

IPCHS LMR lamps are CE certified and rated at IP 66 (weather resistant).




1 LMR HB (140 watts) only. LMR to "Zhulian" = 50 meters

2 LMR HB (2x140 watts) LMR to ground = 23 meters

LMR illuminating a billboard

LMR Lamp water test (submerged)

A single LMR illuminating 30 storey building


Width of hall = 60 feet | Length of hall = 100 feet | LMR mounted 33 feet (10 meters) from floor

One unit LMR High Bay 16 warm daylight

Eight units (2 units outside of picture) LMR High Bay 16 cool daylight