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IPCHS™ LMR 16 Lamp


IPCHS™ technology in Action: The LMR Light Made Right Lamp

IPCHS: Integrated Plated Circuit Heat Sink is a patented Anomax invention of a plated-on-ceramic circuit board with a thermal conductivity of 30 W m/K.

LMR: Light Made Right is an Anomax trademark name for lighting units made with IPCHS technology.

Anomax is pleased to introduce the IPCHS LMR™ 16 high bay and street lamps made possible with the use of IPCHS™ technology.

The IPCHS LMR™ 16 Lamp is a Solid State Light (SSL) that is Super Energy Efficient with an efficiency of more than 100 lumens per watt at an incredible Brightness of 16,000 lumens



from a Lightweight (4 kg) and Small size (175mm
x 215mm x 280mm) form.

IPCHS LMR 16 has a very wide beam angle of 120 degrees and a 4200K color temperature. Using only a single lamp rated @140 watts, it lights an area of more than 2,000 square feet to 60 lux (average) when mounted 5 meters or 17 feet above ground.

IPCHS LMR 16 runs very cool with the heat from the LEDs effectively transferred to the heat sink through IPCHS’s 30 W m/K ceramic di-electric. As such, the IPCHS LMR 16 lamp is very reliable and has a long running life (40,000 hours).

IPCHS LMR 16 is CE certified and is rated at IP 65 (weather resistant).